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Selwyn Hatrick

I am Selwyn, and have been making domestic pottery (on and off) for more than 40 years.

I have recently become involved in Bonsai. Since I am going to make pots for myself, I decided that I will make some available to Bonsai enthusiasts. The pots will be mid-fire (1200 degrees) and will have low water absorption (about 0.7%). They are resistant to frost cracking (freezer tested after 24 hours soaking in water).

Initially I will offer pots for Shohin and Small Bonsai, and perhaps Mame. Later I will work up to larger sizes, and at that stage, commissions will be considered. Pots will be made using various techniques: throwing, slab and slip casting.

I will be limiting my range to a few traditional styles, but the glazes, in some cases, will differ from those that you have previously seen.

In due course I will market some of my domestic pottery.